All States Lawn & Pest Ant Control

Ant Control

Controlling an ant infestation can be tricky. If you’re unable to locate the nest, an infestation can easily bounce back. Not all ant species bite humans, but most are capable of stinging. The best way to control ants is to first identify what species you are dealing with. Once it is correctly identified, it will be easier to discover the nest, based off that species’ habits. Our pest control sprays can completely and efficiently tackle any ant infestation.

Other Insect Control

We spray for ants, wasps, spiders, box elder bugs, voles, mice, and rats. Our services cover inside and around the home. We guarantee all of our services.

There are many benefits to utilizing a professional company’s pest services. Just to name a few, it won’t cause illness, less product will be used, and it will be done correctly and safely.

Live your life worry-free from pests and other insects!