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Improve Tree Health with a Deep Root Treatment

In this post we’re talking about treating your trees when the tree and leaves are looking unhealthy. The All States 3-way deep root treatment is a great way to ensure your trees will give you many years of healthy enjoyment. Tree treatment options We get out there with a spreader and put fertilizer down on[…]

vole control

Neighboring Voles

Dealing with voles is a tough job. These critters can easily destroy your yard. They dig tunnels, consume plant roots, and multiply fast. It’s tough enough dealing with your own infestation, but when your whole neighborhood has this problem, it can be almost impossible. Obviously voles don’t respect property lines, if you’ve got neighbors that[…]

How to Get Rid of Mice and Voles

If you live in Utah, either in the mountains, on the benches, or even further out west in the valley, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen mice and voles on your property. A large contributor to this recent problem is the sudden change in weather. With the cold winter we’ve had, quickly turning into[…]