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All The Ways You Attract Wasps To Your Lehi, UT Property

June 15, 2021 - Stinging Insects

With the weather getting warmer, it's only natural that pests of various natures become more active. One pest that Lehi, UT property owners end up dreading is the wasp. Wasps are known for their sting, but that's usually the extent of most people's knowledge. In truth, different species have different behaviors, which should be understood. The most common wasps you'll come across are:

Paper Wasp: This wasp can grow up to about a half-inch in length and boasts a distinct tapered waist and a smooth hairless body. Paper wasps are dark brown, red, or orange in color and have long legs, which dangle in flight.
Bald-faced Hornet: Boasting a similar appearance to yellow jackets, this hornet has a smooth body and is black and yellow in color. However, this hornet can be identified by the white bands of color along their head. Bald-faced hornets grow to about half an inch in length.

Yellowjacket: With a smooth body, yellow and black color bands, and a size of approximately half an inch, this wasp is stout and boasts a big body compared to most other wasps. Most notably, they are more aggressive than their counterparts and should be avoided.

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Since wasps will attack if they feel threatened, it's safe to say that wasps are potentially dangerous to people. Their sting is known to be painful and can cause severe reactions in those allergic to their sting. To make matters worse, wasps can sting multiple times, unlike bees. They also attack in a swarm Even if you're not allergic, the fallout can be severe enough to warrant needing medical attention.

Wasp Attraction Factors

By now, you're likely convinced that wasps on your property aren't a good idea and would like guidance on how to handle the problem. The first thing to do is to identify the factors attracting wasps to your property. For example, if you have certain plants like spearmint or sweet fennel on your property, wasps are naturally more attracted to your property instead of your neighbor. Some other attraction factors include but aren't limited to:

  • Food: Wasps are attracted to any food left out, including pet food. By properly storing your food, you can remain better protected.
  • Entry Points: When the weather turns cold, wasps will seek to get inside, usually through entry points. If successful, you'll have wasps flying around at the beginning of spring. Make sure to fill up all entry points like holes or cracks with silicone caulk to remain protected.
  • Eaves And Overhangs: Wasps need a nest to support themselves or the colony. Around your property, they're especially fond of eaves and overhangs. Regular inspection and treatment of these areas can address this concern.
  • Trash: Wasps really like your trash and will gladly make themselves at home if you don't practice effective trash management. By managing your trash, you can better manage this pest infestation.

Finally, if you have standing water on or near your property, not only will you attract wasps, but you'll also attract other pests. If nothing else, make sure all standing water is eliminated at the least.

Wasp Control With All States Lawn And Pest

Wasps are not a pest anyone wants to deal with. More importantly, they're dangerous to remove from the premises without the help of trained professionals. That's why our team at All States Lawn and Pest is ready and willing to assist you with your wasp control needs. We always begin with an inspection before we proceed to our treatment protocol. However, the key to our success is our follow-up. With regular ongoing service visits, wasp infestations are one problem you'll never experience again. Call us today!

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