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Are Wasps In Salt Lake City Dangerous?

July 15, 2021 - Wasps

Wasps are one type of stinging insect that can be found in Salt Lake City. Common wasps to the area are yellowjackets, paper wasps, and mud daubers. Although each species varies, wasps are considered aggressive and can be very dangerous. Even though wasps are an essential part of a healthy ecosystem, having them nest in your yard or around areas that people frequent is not good. But how dangerous are wasps, and what can we do to discourage them from our yards?

Identifying Wasps

Wasps can be identified from other stinging insects by a few distinct characteristics, including their most notable feature, their thin waistline. Also, many wasp species don’t have visible body hairs like bees do. More specific characteristics are:

  • Yellowjackets: Have a yellow and black banding around their abdomen, black antennas, and build papery nests.
  • Paper Wasps: Usually have brownish and yellow markings, long legs, and have papery nests.
  • Mud Daubers: Are black but can have light markings, and some are metallic blue. Their waist is long and slender, and they build their nests out of the mud.

Some wasps species are social, while others are solitary. This factor makes a big difference when it comes to aggression.

Dangers Of Wasps

Paper wasps and yellowjackets are social species, while mud daubers are solitary. Yellowjackets are the most dangerous of the three species and build larger colonies. Wasps pose real dangers to people and pets. Wasps are territorial and will attack when they feel threatened. For social wasps, they attack in large numbers, and some species can sting multiple times, unlike bees that die after stinging once. However, even the wasps that can only sting once are still dangerous.

When a wasp stings, they inject venom into their prey. These stings can result in pain and swelling. In some cases, when people and animals are allergic to wasps, a sting can result in anaphylaxis. Although it is impossible to ensure wasps will never come onto your property, you can take the necessary steps to discourage them from trying to establish themselves.

Keeping Wasps From Nesting

Many pests are difficult to keep away completely, but if you can keep insects like wasps from making a home on your property, you reduce the possibility of them attacking. You can do the following maintenance  tips to discourage wasps from living on your property:

  • Reduce the amount of flowering vegetation planned near your home. It attracts both wasps and the prey that some of them hunt. 
  • Pick up fallen fruit and keep hummingbird feeders away from your home.
  • Keep garbage cans closed properly and compost piles maintained as rotting food can attract wasps.
  • Reduce nesting sites by filling in ground holes, cutting back overgrown trees, removing tree stumps and fallen trees, and keeping shrubbery pruned. 
  • Remove areas of standing water from your property that could provide stinging insects with a food source. 
  • Regularly inspect roof eaves, spaces under decks and behind shutters, play structures, and outbuildings for stinging insect nests.
  • Receive preventative help from professionals!

Professional Wasp Control

When it comes to wasps and other stinging insects, only professionals should handle them. Trying to remove a wasp nest on your home puts yourself and others at risk of being attacked. At All States Lawn & Pest, we know what works and what doesn’t work. Even if you think a nest on your property is inactive, you should still contact professionals to remove it safely. Contact All States Lawn & Pest today for our wasp removal and prevention service. We also provide quality lawn care to keep your yard healthy.

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