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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches In Salt Lake City, UT

August 13, 2021 - Cockroaches

The next time you open your cupboard and a roach scurries out, don’t run away. Hiding from your cockroach problem only makes matters worse. For your own safety, you should take care of the issue immediately. And before you do that, find out the best way to eliminate roaches.

Common Cockroaches In Salt Lake City

Although there aren't too many types of cockroaches in Salt Lake City, the pests are everywhere. One of the most invasive cockroaches in the city is the German cockroach. Typically flightless, this roach is relatively small and is identified by the two parallel lines behind its head. The cockroach seeks out warm and humid areas, which means your home could be an appealing target.

American cockroaches are more content to be outside but occasionally go into homes and businesses. They're large and rusty-colored insects that hang out in alleyways and dumpsters. Meanwhile, oriental cockroaches are more black in color. They tend to have a shiny appearance and may be in your yard near your plants. When oriental cockroaches go indoors, they usually remain under sinks and in other moist environments.

All of the local cockroaches are stubborn and difficult to eliminate. Once they move into your home, cockroaches don't want to leave. You could try to use do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to eliminate these Salt Lake City pests, but you're unlikely to be successful.

Eliminating A Resilient Pest

Several challenges make removing cockroaches difficult. First, there's the fast reproductive cycle. Cockroaches can breed rapidly, and this means it only takes a few roaches to result in an infestation. If you don't remove every roach from your home, the remaining roaches will endure and thrive.

Another challenge comes from the fact that cockroaches can enter homes in the strangest of ways. A small gap under your door is enough of an entrance for almost any cockroach. Likewise, a crack around your window could become a roach entrance.

Adding to the trouble is the fact that cockroaches have a high tolerance to chemicals. Although a product might say it eliminates cockroaches, there's no guarantee it will work. In fact, it's likely to fail. Effective cockroach control means knowing which chemicals to apply and how to safely use them.

What's The Trick To Cockroach Removal

If possible, you want to prevent cockroaches from ever taking up residence in your home. Preventing cockroaches means doing the following:

  • Keeping A Clean Home: Cockroaches thrive in filth and chaos. If you don't maintain a clean home, you'll always have food available to cockroaches. Whether you hire a cleaner or do the work yourself, give your home a deep clean. After every meal, make sure there are no crumbs left out for roaches to eat.
  • Address Moisture Issues: Too much moisture will make your home desirable for cockroaches. As part of your preventative measures, fix any moisture or humidity issues. Install vents in your bathrooms, use a dehumidifier in your basement, and repair small leaks. If there's less moisture, cockroaches might not enter your home.

Relying On A Professional

Despite your efforts, you could still have cockroaches inside your Salt Lake City home. At this point, there's only one thing left to do - call us at All States Lawn & Pest. With our professional help, you can get rid of roaches.

The more time you waste on DIY cockroach removal, the worse your infestation will become. If you want fast results, you need to call us. Our professionals have the training needed to handle the most complex cockroach infestations. We focus on customer satisfaction and want to protect you and your family. To get started, give us a call now. 

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