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The Dangers Rodents Bring To Lehi, UT Properties

February 01, 2021 - Rodents

You may not yet have faced a rodent infestation, but it's only a matter of time before you spot one of these tiny mammals poking their heads into your cupboards, bedrooms, or backyards. Let's familiarize ourselves with the characteristics of each common pest found in Lehi, UT

  • House Mice: This rodent species is the most common home-invading pest in North America. Mice have large ears, pointed noses, and fur-covered tails. They are rarely any larger than four inches long. 
  • Field Mice: Known for their small frames and white-colored underbellies, field mice are rodents that can infest both the interior and exterior of homes. 
  • Gophers: Some of the largest rodents on this list, gophers are rodents that infest backyards rather than walls and attics. Some gophers can reach up to ten inches long, including their tails, and weigh more than two pounds in adulthood. 
  • Voles: About four to nine inches long at maturity, voles are small rodents related to the common household hamster. Like the hamster, these creatures possess round bodies, tawny fur, blunt snouts, and fuzz-covered ears that are extremely difficult to see. 

These rodents seem innocuous at first glance and even harmless when viewed in light of other pest species. After all, how dangerous can a rodent be if it only lives in the yard or garden? As you are about to quickly learn, any rodent can bring serious dangers to Lehi properties and their owners.

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