Deep Root Feeding – Benefits

Watering and feeding your plants on the surface can only get you so far. Most anyone will tell you how important it is to make sure your trees and grass get nutrients at their roots.  This is where the plant is able to absorb the most nutrients.

Nearly all plants go dormant during the winter months, and not all plants make it through to next spring. Deep root feeding is one way to ensure that your plants have the best chance of surviving winter, and return in the spring lush and green. Feeding your plants deeper in the earth encourages them to grow their roots downward, deeper into the soil. This will give them a stronger foothold and a better chance of survival.

Another benefit of deep root feeding is the soils ability to retain nutrients. There is more competition on the surface of the ground, due to a higher volume of plants. Giving your plants a resource deeper in the earth ensures that they will be fed longer.

Don’t hesitate to give your trees and plants the best treatment possible. Deep root feeding will provide them the means to survive for years to come and be lush every season. Feel free to check out our deep root feeding services.