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How can you tell if you have grubs in your lawn?

Make sure you periodically inspect your lawn for signs of grubs, to ensure your lawn remains healthy, luscious and green.

The signs you should look for are:

Turf discoloration- Is the turf wilting and are there irregular brown patches?
Patches of grass that have been dug up- Animals will dig up your lawn looking for the grubs to eat

What to do if you see the signs and suspect grubs?

Pull up with your hands a section where you think there might be grubs. Since the grubs each the roots of the lawn the section will peel back like a carpet. You can even see little white C shaped bugs, those are the grubs. Make sure for this step you are wearing gloves to prevent touching the grubs with your bare hands.

The signs of grubs are often thought to be a watering issue. If you water the brown spots and they don’t come back, you have an insect problem. Remember that grubs are most prevalent during late May and Early June.

What do you do after you find grubs in your lawn?

You can treat them yourselves, or you can call a professional who knows how to get prevent the grubs from spreading and eliminate them without hurting your lawn.