Do I Need A Lawn Care Professional?

Using a professional lawn care service might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but once you see how much goes into proper lawn fertilization, and how much time we can have you, you’ll see that having a weed free green lawn is worth every penny.

A lawn care professional knows how important the proper ingredients, proper amounts and proper timing are. If just one is off, you won’t have the best lawn in the neighborhood.
Lawn care professionals understand that you can use a variety of mixtures but determining which is best for your lawns individual lawns needs is the part where experience and knowledge come into play.

The three main ingredients in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen helps plants grow and become greener, phosphorous stimulates root growth and seed development and potassium promotes disease and drought tolerance. Which combination at which time of year are very important, proper amounts, fertilizing on the right schedule with the right ingredients work best with the proper amount applied to your lawn. The proper amount is determined by square footage.

Fertilizing timing is equally as important to achieve a healthy, green, thriving lawn. We consider nitrogen release rate, growth rate and how to give your lawn a steady slow feeding.

Use a professional lawn care service to ensure your healthiest, greenest lawn.