Dormant Oil Treatment for Your Trees

Trees and shrubs go dormant during the winter months. Once spring hits, your trees and shrubs can take a little while to come out of the dormant stage. We suggest that you use this time for the dormant oil treatments. This will help to control insects.

You want to have your dormant oil treatment before the tree buds. The oil kill exposed insects, and protects the tree against new insects. If you put the dormant oil on too late, it will still control pests, but may also hurt the young leaves.

A few advantages to having a dormant oil treatment; they kill most pests including mites and eggs. It’s relatively safe for birds, humans and other animals.
Dormant tree oil pray needs to be applied when temperatures are above freezing. Otherwise the plant is at risk.

The mixture, application and timing all have to be right. That’s why we suggest using our professional services for your dormant oil treatment.