Early Spring Lawn Care

With Salt Lake almost lack of winter this year, proper lawn care is even more important. Getting a jumpstart on your lawn will give you the best opportunity for a green, weed free lawn. Here are some early spring Do’s and Don’ts.

Do Test your PH Levels. You should have your lawns PH levels tested every 2 to 3 years by a professional to determine what minerals and nutrients you need for the upcoming season.

Don’t Over Fertilize. Make sure you don’t over fertilize you lawn. It’s common for homeowners to throw down too much fertilizer at the first sign of spring. Professionals know the right amount for your lawn. Early spring is the perfect time for pre-emergent.

Do give your lawn plenty of water. This is the perfect time to reseed and water thoroughly. Giving both the developing seed s and the established grass enough water is an important factor in bringing you lawn out of dormancy.

Don’t Cut the lawn to short. Don’t mow your lawn too short. Your grass will grow best at approximately 2 inches.

Don’t do Pest control. Remember that March  and early April are too soon for pest control. With the weather still being unpredictable and it is often too cold for the pests. But once the insects are spotted in your home, lawn or garden give All States Lawn & Pest a call.

If you need supplies in your upcoming landscape endeavors, don’t hesitate to contact our supply store: LandscapingSuppliesUtah.com