Early Spring Wake-Up Treatment

Ever wanted the greenest and best lawn?

Our special fertilizer treatment can help make that possible. We administer an early spring fertilizer treatment that is perfect for lawns coming out of the winter frost. Our treatment is specially designed to give lawns the nutrients they need as soon as the snow starts melting.

Our treatment is usually applied at the end of January or early February, some say that might be too early for your first fertilizer application. Perhaps it might be for a standard, scheduled treatment, but our wake-up treatment is designed to help your lawn exactly during this time.

Have the greenest lawn first — When our treatment is applied, it ensures that your lawn will be first to turn green after the winter months.

Shock and awe your neighbors — While everyone else’s lawn is still trying to shake off winter, yours will be thriving before spring even starts.

To learn more about our treatment, feel free to call us or contact our lawn care specialists.