Fall Pest Control

With falls arrival bugs and other pests will seek refuge from the cooler temperatures. It’s time to start taking steps and prevent the pests from making their home in yours. Here are a few fall pest control tips to help you prevent pests from entering your home this season.

1. Seal up our home
Seal up cracks and entry way to make it harder for pests to enter. Look for cracks in the foundation. Seal doors, windows and basements with adhesive weather stripping. .

2. Eliminate moisture
Keep mulch away from foundation and window frames. To keep moisture down turn your mulch a few times a year and keep the bushes trimmed back. Also fix leaking pipes and clogged drains.

3. Clean up Cobwebs
Being diligent about getting rid of the cobwebs whenever they appear can drastically shrink the spider population.

4. Create a barrier
Have a professional create an interior and exterior barrier to prevent pests from entering your home. The fewer pest that get in the less you need to worry about the getting rid of them.
Let us take care of your fall pest control. We can create a barrier to keep them out of your house this season so you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors.