Hidden Health Dangers: Protecting Your Home

Most homeowners continually look for ways to protect their homes from danger. However, many homeowners don’t realize the significant risk posed by rodents, stinging insects and cockroaches. While these insects are small, they can post serious health conditions, especially if they infest homes.

While most people assume pests are a mere annoyance, the truth is that they are responsible for causing asthma, severe allergic reactions and even Salmonella.

Rodents also harbor other pests, hosting ticks, fleas, mites and even lice. When rodents come indoors, they contaminate human food supplies with feces, which often contain the deadly Hantavirus and Salmonella. Cockroaches alone spread more than 33 different kinds of bacteria, six parasites and seven human pathogens. When cockroaches drop feces and shed their skins, this is a leading cause of asthma attacks in humans, especially in young children. In fact, nearly $1 billion annually is spent trying to manage cockroach infestations, making them a prevalent and extremely hazardous pest.

Stinging insects, such as hornets and wasps, are responsible for more than half a million emergency room visit annually. In 2008, mosquitoes spread the West Nile virus, which infected 1,300 people, of which 43 resulted in fatalities.

To help prevent pests from making your home into theirs, The Green Pest offers helpful tips and advice for homeowners.

  • Keep all garbage and food in sealed containers.
  • Seal all holes and cracks in the home’s interiors and exteriors, including repairing any ripped screens.
  • Mosquitoes breed in standing water. By helping eliminate this source, the number of mosquitoes will greatly reduce. Homeowners should eliminate standing water and their sources, including flowerpots, pool covers and any objects that collect standing water. If standing water around the home is prevalent, homeowners should consider hiring a landscaping company to regrade portions of their yard, allowing for sufficient runoff.

However, if a homeowner sees signs of infestations, it is highly advisable that he/she immediately contacts a professional pest control Utah exterminator to help avoid any potential health hazards.

The Green Pest offers a variety of Utah pest control services, including effectively treating spiders, ants, wasps, voles, Box Elder bugs, rats, mice, earwigs and much more. Using products that are more green-friendly than their competitors, they strive to offer the best Salt Lake City pest control, helping families regain control of their homes.