How to Fix Bug Infestations

There are several organic methods for curing minor bug infestations. The first issues is fixing the causes and understanding how and why insects or rodents are making their way into a home.

  • Seal, Seal, Seal – Any cracks or unsealed areas of a home simply invites pests and rodents inside. It’s important for homeowners to effectively seal off these areas, which will greatly reduce Utah pest control issues. All cracks, entryways, windows, floorboards, doorjambs and moldings should be sealed.
  • Food Sources – Pests are drawn to sugar, starches, leftover food particles and trash. To help avoid this problem, always keep a kitchen clean and never leave food out for lengthy time periods. Whether it’s a child’s craft macaroni project, a bowl of dog food, a fruit bowl or crumbs, these are all siren alerts to insects that something good is within the home. Place open foods in airtight containers and consider storing the following foods in the refrigerator: rice, sugar, flour and pasta. Insects avoid cold temperatures and they will not venture into the refrigerator for a midnight treat.
  • Plants – Some plants promote pest issues. For example, nectar-rich plants attract stinging insects and milkweed attracts caterpillars. Some insect problems are related to poor soil, as unhealthy plants also offer an opportunity for pests and insects to thrive. Homeowners should remove all rotting and diseased plants from their yards and focus on cultivating healthy plants and flowers.
  • Water Supply – Like all living beings, pests need water to survive. To eliminate water sources, homeowners should repair all leaks, including plumbing, kitchen sink or bathroom related issues. Homeowners should avoid standing water outdoors, as this offers a ripe breeding ground for harmful, disease-ridden mosquitoes.

For homeowners that require the services of a professional Salt Lake City pest control company, The Green Pest is a subsidiary of All States Landscaping. Together these two dynamic Salt Lake City companies can help homeowners prepare their homes and yards for fall’s annual insect march.

The Green Pest focuses on using power spray products that are considerably less toxic than those used by their competitors. They thoroughly spray the eaves of the home, in addition to three feet up the home and four to six feet from the home. They specialize in treating ants, spiders, wasps, Box Elder bugs, mice, voles, rats, earwigs, grubs and much more.

All States Landscaping specializes in landscaping and yard maintenance for both residential and commercial areas. The experts at All States Landscaping can easily trim outdoor plants, lay crushed rock near the home, trim unruly trees and further pest-proof yards by taking precautionary efforts. Additionally, since they offer water feature installation, they can insure that standing water is never an issue – helping homeowners avoid diseased mosquito breeding grounds.