Improve Tree Health with a Deep Root Treatment

In this post we’re talking about treating your trees when the tree and leaves are looking unhealthy. The All States 3-way deep root treatment is a great way to ensure your trees will give you many years of healthy enjoyment.

Tree treatment options

We get out there with a spreader and put fertilizer down on the ground. This does a great job for grass and it’s roots but doesn’t go down deep enough. We may put fertilizer stakes in the ground. But in some cases (in fact most) that isn’t enough to properly care for your trees. The roots would have to move to the fertilizer stakes for the treatment to be effective. Poor aeration and poor quality soil may be part of the problem. Keep in mind that Utah’s soil has the nutrients it needs, however, the high alkalinity of the soil is not optimal for getting those nutrients into the root system. Then the nutrient cycle is interrupted when we rake up the leaves in the fall. Our deep root treatment is designed to adjust the alkalinity of the soil, enabling the nutrients to be more fully absorbed.

Why other treatments don’t work

Fertilizer stakes and holes filled with granular fertilizer are not effective. The root system would literally have to move toward the fertilizer. Surface fertilization is mostly absorbed by grass and flowers. Other treatments don’t balance the pH of the soil.

What is so great about our 3-way Deep Root Treatment?

Simple, we use a time-released liquid treatment blended with the right chemicals. Our formulation is designed to radically treat your tree’s root system and improve the soil around the tree. Deep root, water-soluble, extended release formula goes directly into the root system within the drip zone. We use nitrogen for bud and leaf development. Phosphorus for root and flowering. And potassium for general and overwinter health. Our special formula increases the pH levels in the soil.

Our deep root treatment is also a 3-way treatment in another way. We use a systemic fungicide, a systemic insecticide, and our rich fertilizer to ensure that your trees are properly cared for.

Ask for our deep root treatment for your trees soon, before the leaves start to fall

There is no one in the valley with healthier trees than an All States Lawn & Pest customer.

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