February 26, 2016

Fertilizing Services

Fertilizing Services by All States Lawn & Pest

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Our full service program includes 7 treatments per year. 

Or we can customize a program that suits your needs

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All treatments are applied 4 - 6 weeks apart

Round 1 - Early Spring Wake Up Treatment

This first treatment is a granular treatment applied starting at the end of February. It's purpose is to give your lawn the nutrients it needs right when it starts coming out of dormancy. This treatment ensures your lawn will be lush and green as soon as the season starts

Round 2 - Pre-Emergent Fertilizer Application

This treatment is a liquid fertilizer with a pre-emergent weed control. This application prevents weeds from germinating before they become a problem. It's also formulated to boost your lawns green color and keep it healthy during the beginning of spring.

Round 3 - Early Summer Fertilizer

This treatment plays an important role in the yearly fertilizer cycle. This treatment includes weed control for the many weeds that come early in the summer. It also includes an insecticide treatment as many lawn damaging insect are populating during this time.

Round 4 - Mid Summer Treatment

As the season continues through summer, this treatment is designed to help your lawn keep it's green color and thickness. It's either a liquid or granular treatment, depending on what your lawn needs. Our technicians are experts at giving each lawn the best treatment.

Round 5 - Late Summer w/ Weed Control

This treatment is also either a granular or liquid fertilizer, depending on what your lawn needs. The weed control included is designed to target broad-leaf weeds that appear at this time of year.

Round 6 - Fall Time Fertilizer

This treatment includes an additional pre-emergent application for weeds that will be germinating in the fall.  It's designed to prevent weed problems as well as extend your lawns health and beauty late into the season.

Round 7 - Winterizing treatment

This treatment is a granular fertilizer that is designed to help your lawn prepare for dormancy during the winter months. Nutrients are strained during the winter and this treatment will ensure your lawn is healthy and ready for next spring.


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