October 13, 2015

Rodent Extermination


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Get rid of gophers, voles, mice, and rats

Rodent control & removal service from All States Lawn & Pest

We take rodent control seriously. Dealing with rodents can cause some serious problems for your home and your yard. Don't let rodents control your life -- let us tackle the problem for you.

Gopher Control & Gopher Removal - Gopher's are hard to prevent, but if you have a gopher in your yard we can bait it and trap it quickly so it stops doing damage to your yard. 

Vole Control - Voles cause immense amounts of damage to lawns with the tunnel systems they create. The best way to stop voles is to prevent them before they multiply. Our baiting systems will stop voles in their tracks and keep your yard safe.

Mice Control - Mice can enter the home and multiply rapidly. They can contaminate twice as much food as they eat. If you've noticed mice within your home call us now to stop them from destroying your food supply

Rat Control - Rats can carry many diseases. Don't risk the health hazards of dealing with rats, call us now to stop rat disease from spreading.

We take care of rodent problems fast

We stop the damage to your property caused by rodents

Don't let rodent diseases into your home

We guarantee our rodent control services

Our services include:

  • Gopher removal & control
  • Vole control
  • Rat control
  • Mice control


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