February 24, 2016

Rat Control Service

Rat Control & Removal Services

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Protect Your Home from Rat Infestations - We Service all of Salt Lake County & Utah County

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Get Rid of Rats. For Good.

We understand that dealing with rats and rodents is frustrating, in and around the home. Our certified pest control specialists are guaranteed to completely eradicate the problem and get you back your peace of mind. Our specialized rodent control service includes:

  • Bait Boxes in Exterior & Interior
  • Fast & Free Estimates
  • 1 Free Follow Up
  • Quarterly Programs Available
  • Consultation on Preventive Measures

Prices vary based off of size and scope of project. Get a free estimate over the phone.

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We Tackle the Toughest Rodent Problems. Call Today for a Fast, Free Quote.