October 5, 2015

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Vole Control & Vole Removal

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Don't let voles ruin your lawn, fight back today with All States Lawn & Pest. We're Utah's premiere lawn care and pest control company. We guarantee our work and can help you take back control of your home with our powerful pest control service. The All States name has been in business for 25 years. We have a strong team of highly trained professionals that know exactly what needs to happen to get the job done. You can rest easy knowing that All States Pest Control is committed to helping you with you pest control problems.

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How to tell if you have Voles:

Voles are often confused with gophers or moles. They can most easily be identified by their tunnel system which is characterized by long, raised ridges that will run across your lawn. They do not make mounds in the dirt, if you have mounds, you may be dealing with a different pest.

Our pest control experts can quickly identify what problem your experiencing and make a plan with you to fix it, fast.

Voles are very destructive. Not only do their tunnel systems ruin lawns, they also feed on plant roots and can destroy your trees and shrubs. These pesky vermin are capable of ruining your landscape and curb appeal that you've worked so hard to have.

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