Lawn Diseases and Prevention

If your lawn is suffering from brown or dry spots your lawn might be infected with a lawn disease. Some of the most common lawn diseases can be prevented simply by proper lawn care. Other diseases may be more serious and might require the attention of a lawn care professional. Three common lawn diseases are as follows:

1. The Red Thread Disease (Pink Grass) – This disease will cause areas of your lawn to look pink or red. If you look closely at the blades of grass, you should be able to see red threads in them. This disease is usually caused by poor irrigation. It loves cool and humid climates, it thrives in standing water. Be sure that your water has the proper drainage channels it needs.  Be sure to remove all affected lawn areas.

2. Powdery mildew disease – This disease will grow on your lawn if the grass does not have enough access to sunlight. It usually occurs in areas where the lawn is shaded for most of the day. The infected area will most likely look white or gray. If possible, try and alter your landscape to allow more sunlight to areas with a lot of shade. It’s also advisable to aerate your lawn, and make sure your not over watering or over fertilizing.

3. Fusarium blight (Red Rings) – This disease is characterized by red or brown rings in your lawn, with healthier grass in the middle of these rings. This disease is common in dry climates and when the grass is not getting enough water. The best way to cure this disease is to water your lawn more frequently, and be sure to re-seed the infected areas, preferably with disease resistant seeds.

If you lawn is overcome with diseased areas it might be time to hire a professional to tackle the work for you. Some disease might require extensive work to cure. Take the guess work out of lawn care, learn more about our professional services.