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When the weather is nice, you want to go out and play and enjoy nature's beauty. Part of that means spending time in the yard, which isn't appealing when your lawn isn't in good health. An unhealthy lawn causes additional problems and is unsightly. For this reason, it's important to invest in a solid lawn fertilization routine from trained professionals.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

A lawn in disrepair means that problems like pest infestations can occur. Pests have to come in from somewhere, and it starts in your yard. By treating your lawn properly today, you can effectively prevent future problems from occurring.

The other reason why proper lawn care is so important is that your lawn is a living organism that needs the appropriate care and attention to thrive. The difference between a vibrant green lawn and one that looks dead lies in the treatment.

Our Lawn Fertilization Process

At All States Lawn and Pest, we take pride in the lawn fertilization service we provide to our customers in the Lehi, UT area. Our team knows there's no such thing as a set it and forget it approach when you want real results. That's why we've honed our process to a science, so you know you can trust in receiving superior results.

While we don't require an inspection, our team is prepared to perform one if you so desire. During the inspection, we'll check your lawn's current health and take measurements of the lawn itself. We don't provide a follow-up visit after we've completed our initial process. However, we do offer a warranty with regards to any weeds that grow during our treatment.

We perform our initial treatment across six rounds of lawn fertilization. These rounds include:

Round 1

We spread our pre-emergent granule throughout your lawn in round 1.

Round 2-5:

During these rounds, we cover the lawn using an all-in-one tank that combines high-quality fertilizer, weed control, and pesticide.

Round 6

We spread out our winterizing granules to prepare your lawn for the winter season during this round.

Customized Care To Create A Greener & Healthier Lawn

Don't let your lawn be the difference between a beautiful and healthy yard and one that's not. Call our team at All States Lawn and Pest for your free quote and get started on a lawn you can be proud of all year long.

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