Lawn Grubs – Know the Facts

Anyone who has experienced lawn grubs knows how frustrating they can be. These pesky larva can destroy a lawn in a short period of time, causing dead spots and discoloration. If you suspect you may have lawn grubs, it’s best to act quickly to minimize the damage. With our help, we can get your lawn back to it’s former glory in no time.

How to tell – There can be a number of reasons why your lawn may have brown spots, especially in the late summer months. To be sure, find an area of your lawn where a brown spot meets a greet spot. Carefully pull up the grass in this area and inspect the ground beneath it. One sign will be if the grass pulls up too easily. Upon inspection, if you see a large concentration of C-shaped grubs, these may be the culprit. Note: It’s normal for your lawn to have some insects beneath it. If you see more than 10 or 12 grubs in a square yard, then this is likely the problem.

What to do – Eliminating grubs can be tricky. There are several commercially available agents you can apply to your lawn to remove them. The problem with these agents is they can be poisonous. They can kill not only the grubs, but any animals living in the same environment. Not to mention the harm they can cause to pets or children. If your worried about these issues, you can rest assured knowing that our lawn service and pest control products are green and environmentally friendly. We can eradicate your grub problem, and restore your lawn to it’s healthy, natural state.