Leaf Spot Melting Out Disease

Leaf Spot is a disease that appears during cool, moist spring weather. Frequent rain or water at night encourages this disease. The disease is dormant in the thatch during the winter and it waits for the perfect conditions, and then appears.

Leaf Spot has two stages, the first is the leaf spot stage. Small purple spots appear on the blades, the size of the spots vary upon which type of grass is infected. The leaf spot stage is less serious.

The second stage is the melting out. This occurs when the disease isn’t  taken care of and it spreads to the grass crown and the grass dies.

Be sure not to over fertilize in the spring once you see the spots. This is why having a professional is key. They know when to fertilize and when to treat the disease. You need to make sure you don’t starve the grass.

Try not to irrigate once the disease is seen and do not water at night or in the evening. You want the soil to dry as quickly as possible. Once the disease is present you want to remove the dew and sugar from the grass. Golf courses drag hoses across the lawn, it’s the most effective way to remove dew.

Fungicides need to be applied as soon as the symptoms are seen. So let a professional take care of your lawn. Take the worry out of your lawn care.