Need to Know: Pest Control Services

As summer is in full swing, temperatures are rising and pests are beginning to make a prolific appearance. In fact, the month of July is among the busiest for professional exterminators. Below are some helpful tips when selecting a SLC pest control service company.

  • Always be cautious of unsolicited UT pest control service companies offering services.
  • Professional services may be expensive, but they are well worth avoiding expensive pest repair damage in the long run. Pest control companies have access to an arsenal of pesticides, specialized equipment and have undergone advanced training for how to effectively eliminate and manage pests.
  • Always be wary of anyone going door-to-door to sell services.
  • Request that the exterminator provide an inspection, which means that a specific diagnosis is given in writing. This should also include a proposed treatment program, which highlights traps, sprays and baits that are recommended, as well as what areas of the home need treatment, including specific rooms, outdoors, indoors, in crawlspaces, attics, etc.
  • Always review any legal contracts carefully before signing. Is a one-year agreement required? Most companies should allow services to be cancelled at anytime.
  • Make sure the company is insured and licensed.
  • Confirm that all work is guaranteed and specifically ask what the work includes.
  • Ask about their follow-up processes.
  • Inquire if the contractor belongs to any professional associations.
  • If someone has pets or children, it’s important to notify the exterminator, as some pesticides have certain safety requirements and risks. Exterminators should notify homeowners of potential hazards and side effects associated with using pesticides. If a homeowner is reluctant to use harsh poisons, he/she should consider opting for a company that has a more green friendly treatment approach.
  • Inquire about references and if the company has both past and current customers that are willing to speak to potential customers.
  • Ask friends for recommendations.
  • If a homeowner has a less common pest problem, such as bedbugs, it is highly recommended that they make sure an exterminator has experience treating these types of infestations.

There are steps people can take to help eliminate infestations, which includes keeping areas free of food, making sure there are no holes in window screens, confirming there aren’t any gaps under the doors or cracks in the foundation. Additionally, homeowners should replace worn-out weather stripping around windows and doors and fix all plumbing leaks.

Utah veteran All States Landscaping has started its own pest extermination company, All States Lawn & Pest. Working in conjunction with one another to combat Utah pest control, they strive to provide a comprehensive extermination approach.