Neighboring Voles

Dealing with voles is a tough job. These critters can easily destroy your yard. They dig tunnels, consume plant roots, and multiply fast. It’s tough enough dealing with your own infestation, but when your whole neighborhood has this problem, it can be almost impossible. Obviously voles don’t respect property lines, if you’ve got neighbors that voles, you can’t get rid of the infestation unless your work together.

Voles or Gophers?

The first step in dealing with an infestation is to determine exactly what pest it is that your dealing with. Two of the most commonly confused are voles and gophers. Probably the best way to decide is by what the animals leave behind. Voles leave behind long, ridge-like tunnels and do not create mounds, while gophers do. Gophers are also actually solitary creatures and very territorial. They only congregate during their mating season. So odds are, if you’ve got a wide spread infestation, your dealing with voles.

What to do?

Dealing with voles on your own can be futile if you have a wide spread infestation. Taking care of the problem on your own will only stop them for so long. If they’re in your neighborhood then they can easily come back from another property. The only sure way to stop the voles is community action. Making people aware of the problem and encouraging action may be the only way to stop them.

If your looking at a vole control problem. Visit our page on vole control and vole removal. We can come up with a plan to make sure that these pesky critters stop destroying your property.