Pest Damage

Pests serve a good purpose in the wild, as they help clean up decomposing debris and materials. However, this same behavior is extremely destructive towards homes and some pests can literally destroy a home in its path.


As most homes are built from wood, termites are by nature attracted to them. However, even if a home has vinyl siding, brick or stucco, termites will still be attracted to a home. A home is made from wooden framing and also includes wooden cabinets, wooden furniture, floor joists, hardwood floors and ceiling beams. Most time termite damage is not visible until it’s too late. It’s important to address an infestation before it even starts.


Wood-boring beetles can live six to 10 years without a homeowner even knowing. By the time these beetles start flying, the damage is already done. Beetles are extremely destructive, as they burrow into wood. Fortunately, an exterminator can treat both new and used homes, helping to minimize damage.

Carpet Beetles

Many times the damage caused by carpet beetles is mistakenly blamed on clothes moths. These types of beetles eat through chairs, couch covers, leather jackets, soft fabrics and even carpets. Homes that have wall-to-wall carpeting often give these destructive carpet beetles the ultimate breeding ground.

Clothes Moths

While flying moths are harmless, homeowners need to be concerned about moths’ laying eggs in fabric. Once these larvae hatch, the moths eat natural fibers, including feathers, wool, fur and even synthetics. These larvae eat for one to three months and can cause excessive damage, especially since lifecycles last up to four years.

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