Prevent Lawn Obliteration

Grubs can destroy even the best kept lawns. No one wants to deal with a lawn that has this insect problem. Grabs can destroy a lawn quickly. Look out for black birds in your lawn. They are an indicator that something in wrong and soon your lawn will be sick. Increased insect activity draws them in.

We want to help you prevent grubs from destroying your lawn and give you the greenest, lushest lawn possible. We focus on lawn fertilization and insect control. Let us keep your lawn looking it’s best!

Now is the Grub time. From June through August you need to watch for them. Use preventative grub insecticide to protect turf through the season. Timing is crucial. Start preventative care now!

If it’s too late and you already have grubs, don’t worry, we have an application that can help eliminate them and save your lawn.