All States Lawn & Pest Rodent Control

Although rodent’s nature makes them difficult to control, there are a few things you need to know about them.

Vole Control

Vole damage to the lawn is a serious problem. Voles construct well defined, visible tunnels, near the surface. Voles can reproduce rapidly. They have the fasted reproductive rate of any native rodent.

Since you rarely see the voles, its important to identify what is left behind, specifically the holes and tunnels. Voles run near the surface, so the pathways look like raised ridges running across your lawn. Voles leave no mounds behind.

If you know you have voles or just need help identifying the pest.

We Can Help!

Rat Control

Rats are wary of new things including most rat control measures. They generally go for attics, under porches, wall voids and other hard to reach places.

Rats harbor a number of serious diseases and also have disease carrying parasites like fleas and ticks.

Mice invade your home looking for food, water and warmth.

Each mouse can contaminate much more than the food it eats.
Rodents have large front teeth used to gnaw on things around the house which causes great damage to your home.

Rats and mice are extremely destructive. The feces and urine of the rodents may even contaminate surfaces.

We can remove all rodents from your home or property. Stop the contamination. Stop the worrying.