Summer Pest Invasion and Pest Control Tips

Summer is upon us. It’s a great season to be out in the yard. But, ants, flies, spiders and rodents are also out, looking for shelter, food and water. There is a lot of pest activity. We see it and hope that these pests won’t enter our homes.

Unfortunately, the increased presence of pests can lead to home invasions of ants, spiders and other critters. When they get inside, we sometimes treat with a store-bought insecticide. While this kills the visible ants, for example, it does not take care of the root problem. A pest control specialist can help you identify entry points and get to the source of the problem, the breeding ground. The specialist can recommend a customized treatment program.

Keeping insects and spiders outside can be challenging. A foundation spray prevents pests from entering. In some cases an inside treatment may be necessary to kill those insects or spiders that have already crossed the threshold. Whatever the situation, we aim to significantly reduce or eliminate* the presence of pests.