The secret to lawn watering during hot weather

In Utah, the hot days of Summer mean the temperature ranges from 90 to 100 degrees or more. It’s important to have a regular watering program. Most of us “set it and forget it” when it comes to watering the lawn. But setting our sprinklers incorrectly can waste as much as half of the water we put down on our lawn.

When the weather is this hot, it is recommended to water 3 times per week. But simply programming for three days a week is not enough. Ensuring that there is even distribution of water is important. At we recommend using some means of measuring the water output in a grid on your lawn. Ask your lawn technician for water cups, or use any suitable container that you can measure. Use at least 4 stations over the area to be tested. The goal is to fill each cup with 1/2 inch of water.

Turn on your sprinklers and time how long it takes for water to reach the marks in each container. With overlapping set of sprinklers, split the run time equally between both sets of sprinklers. Figure the average run time for all containers.

Our super secret method is to distribute the session over 2 or 3 mini-waterings. For example, cycle through all of your stations for 10 minutes then repeat the cycle two more times. This allows the ground to soak up the water and the lawn to drink deeply. Your lawn will feed well with minimal water wasted.