Tips for Home Pest Control

Home pest control is something to think about right now. Summer is winding down and the kids will be starting school again soon. While you’re out enjoying the rest of summer, pests will be making their way inside. Pests like ants, spiders, wasps and rodents are more active. Home Pest Control becomes a serious issue. Here are a few tips to help keep those pests at bay.
• Seal any cracks on your home’s exterior – e.g., around windows, doors, air conditioning and water lines

• Mosquitoes love standing water, so eliminate the source: bird baths, clogged gutters and pools that are not circulating water with a pump

• Keep shrubs and trees trimmed away from your home

• Vacuum and clean your floors on a regular basis

• Keep your shed and garage clear of food items and clutter – rodents will feed and nest in these locations

• Inspect your outdoor garbage area for pest activity regularly, and keep the area clean and uncluttered
By following these tips you can help reduce your pest problem. If they are still a problem after changing these habits call All States Lawn & Pest, we will get rid of them for you. We are your Home Pest Control Source. We can to keep your home free of pests. Give us a call today! Check out our Pest Control services

Call your local friendly experts and we will come out today! There is no reason to live with pests.
Check back for more home pest control tips for fall. We are here to help.