Vole Control and Removal

What is a vole?

Voles are rodents who often burrow underground. They look very mouse-like, and can do extensive damage to lawns.

Voles vs Moles.

Voles are often mistaken as moles due to the fact they both burrow underground. However, moles are not native to Utah. So if you have a pest that is continuously digging up your yard, odds are, you have a vole.Voles also do not leave mounds in the dirt, unlike moles. Because moles are not native to Utah, if you have mounds, it’s possibly an ant issue.

How to identify if you have a Vole.

Voles spend a lot of their time underground, so they are often difficult to detect. Many people may have a vole problem and not realize it. The best way to identify if you have a vole is by finding what it leaves behind. Voles are notorious for leaving raised ridge-like tunnels across a yard, because they burrow very near the surface. Voles also commonly gnaw at the roots of trees and shrubs. So if your plants always seem to be leaning to one side, you might have a Vole.

What to do?

Vole removal often requires the help of a professional. Especially if the infestation has grown in numbers. If you’re worried about voles in your yard, check out our Rodent Control page.