What to Know About Cockroaches, Flies, Rodents and Spiders

More than just a nuisance, cockroaches, flies, rodents and spiders carry a number of diseases and illnesses. This informative guide highlights a variety of insect types, including:

  • American Cockroaches – This is the largest cockroach to infect homes.
  • Brown-banded Cockroaches – This cockroach has two light brown bands located across their dark brown bodies. Males have full wings, while females have an underdeveloped set.
  • German Cockroaches – This is the most common type of cockroach to infect U.S. homes. It has been linked to several allergic reactions and illnesses across the world.
  • Oriental Cockroaches – Large and almost black in color, these types of cockroaches thrive in wet, organic material, such as sewers. They are sometimes referred to as “water bugs.”
  • Fruit Flies – This type of fly feeds on overripe vegetables and fruits.
  • House Flies – These are the most common type of fly. Adults grow up to one-quarter inch long and live between 15 to 25 days.
  • Deer Mice – This type of mouse rarely causes home infestations and is often found in rural, undeveloped areas.
  • House Mice – Breeding rapidly with an aptitude to adapt quickly, this is the most common type of mouse found in home infestations.
  • Norway Rats – With shorter tails, smaller ears and eyes than a traditional house mouse, these rats are also guilty of invading homes.
  • Roof Rats – Often found in the upper portion of buildings, these oversized rats are approximately six to eight inches long and suffer from color blindness and poor vision.
  • Black Widow Spiders – Featuring a telltale red hourglass shape under the abdominal area, these poisonous spiders are turning up in households across the U.S.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders – Featuring a dark brown violin across their backs, these spiders are responsible for biting humans and causing severe skin tissue damage.
  • Common House Spiders – Common throughout Canada and the U.S., these types of spiders are a nuisance and build large, intricate webs indoors.
  • Jumping Spiders – These spiders jump to catch their prey. Nearly 300 species in North America are known to exist.
  • Long-Bodied Cellar Spiders – These “daddy-long-legs” are often found in damp, dark places of the home.
  • Wolf Spiders – These spiders are large, hairy and viciously chase pray.

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