When to Hire a Pest Professional Exterminator

When homeowners find pests indoors, their initial thought is self-extermination. However, this can sometimes cause more damage than good. Utah pest control experts have the experience, knowledge and professional-strength products to effectively eliminate pest infestations.

Additionally, many homeowners that self-treat pests are only addressing a portion of the problem, not the root causes. While visual pests decrease, there may be a growing colony that is unseen, lurking and waiting to cause an explosion of problems.

There are some pest infestations that can only be treated by Utah pest control professionals, which include:


Wood-boring insects cause billions of damage annually to homes. These types of insects include carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles and termites. Termites alone are responsible for more than $5 billion in damage annually. Known as a “silent destroyer,” termites are soundless and often go undetected until the damage is too significant to ignore. More than 50-percent of Americans have never even had their homes inspected for termites. Termites can chew through wallpaper, wood and even flooring.

Bed Bugs

Elusive and hard to detect, bed bugs can live under wallpaper and even behind electrical switches. This hardy pest can even live several months without a meal, withstanding temperatures from freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the most difficult pests to treat and often require several treatments to eliminate infestations.

Stinging Insects

Homeowners should save themselves an emergency room visit by leaving stinging insects, such as yellow jackets, wasps and fire ants, up to professional SLC pest control companies. More than half a million people visit the emergency room annually for insect-related stings.

Reoccurring Infestations

If a homeowner has tried to treat an infestation and it keeps reoccurring, it’s a sign that it’s time to call in a professional exterminator. This is usually an indication that an underlying cause is not being properly treated and professionals can easily discover these causes during a home inspection.

The Green Pest, affiliated with All States Landscaping, specializes in Salt Lake City pest control, including treating ants, spiders, Box Elder bugs, wasps, mice, voles, rats, and even grubs. They specialize in using less toxic treatments that are safe for families, pets and children.